Thirteen O’Clock (and All’s Well)

Thirteen o’clock and all the world is well;
beyond the reach of the tempest makers,
where thought and reason still may sway the mind
and the conscience of a nation feeds not
on unfounded rumors of threat and fear,
but seeks for truth behind innuendo
and shadow agendas for armed conflict,
recognizing that in the doublespeak
asserting the need to take firm action,
to rail against an unseen enemy
is but a diversion to cloak from view
the clandestine interests of the few,
so that they may be pursued without pause
and bankrupt the soul of a proud country.

16 FEB 2003

Ok, so maybe it’s a VERY strange question…but does anyone but me think that a re-interpretation of George Orwell’s 1984, as a play written in entirely in iambic pentameter (much like Shakespeare’s retelling of the Tragedie of Hamlett King of Demarke) sounds REALLY cool? Any thoughts?

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