Daily Archives: January 27, 2003

A Cup of Lotus Tea

Sitting quietly under the carport
in the still crispness of the morning air
listening to the sparrows chirp and play there
on the light-frost covered lawn, their day’s sport

unspoiled by this unseasonable cold,
watching the sky, made sharp and crystal clear
by the tentative sun as it appears
and bends, but does not break, the winter’s hold,

I breathe in the tendrils of warming steam
rising from my lotus flower green tea
and let the soft fragrance fill my senses

like the lingering essence of a dream;
soon the entire world fades, and seems to be
only a facade of subtle experiences.

27 JAN 2003

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If I put those parts of me I distain
away in a box, where they can hide
from the world, if I just do not decide
their resolution, I can avoid pain

and needling from their sharp little jabs.
Their effect on my life can be reduced
to nil – I can refuse to be seduced
into picking at their festering scabs.

But they will still continue to infect
every safe part of my life; and the more
I avoid dealing with these ugly things,

trusting in the power of pure neglect,
in the shadows they will find great succor,
and fill that quiet place with suffering.

27 JAN 2003

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