The Madness of King George

A couple of days ago, someone on my friends list posted an article about our current president that suggested that his “simple country boy” schtick was an act, that he was not a witless rube, but something a bit more sinister. This idea has rolled around in my head since then, and resulted in this poem. Be warned … if you do not appreciate political satire, proceed no further. Also, if you represent any type of government agency that seeks to limit free speech that certainly is not threatening anyone (except by challenging them to think about a couple of things), please be informed in advance that I support our government and its leaders, and wish them no harm of any kind. That being said …

They call King George a simple man, one prone to verbal gaffe,
and when he trips upon his words, his sworn opponents laugh.
In all the papers of the day, his speeches are displayed;
the pundits pounce and quick, renounce the mistakes he has made.

A checkered past, our sovereign’s life, one filled with up and down,
but those would be the fools who think there’s nothing ‘neath the crown;
For in his head, there is a plan, a grand “strategerie”,
That fills his life with hopes and dreams – the world he’d like to see

It shows when he speaks eloquent on ground attacks and war;
his stammer only shows itself when he speaks of the poor,
or when he makes a statement on the rights of common man –
’tis then he stumbles on his words, and seems to pale and wan.

He has no trouble giving thanks for privilege of the strong,
but when asked to define a course, is when his words flow wrong.
Upon the grim and bloody battle, he can wax sublime;
but let him voice his thoughts on peace – he falters, every time.

His motto, surely, must be this: I am, therefore I rule;
To underestimate this portent, one would be a fool.
A vain pretender to the throne built by his father’s trust,
he leads his great republic down a path that ends in dust.

They call King George a dull buffoon, and think his mind a blank;
but think of it as focused, like the gun end of a tank.
His madness has its purpose, for it misleads those who hear –
and do not see the dark and sinister in his career.

And so it is with leaders with whom subjects are well pleased;
they pull the wool over our eyes, and bring us to our knees –
while citing our security and freedom as their goal,
they seek to weaken our resolve to save a nation’s soul.

In nineteen twenty seven, there was such a valued king
Who gave his subjects hope, and pride, and promised them this thing:
That none would laugh or ridicule them, or stand in their way;
The price for them was higher than they had the strength to pay.

The leader of the thinking world, he claimed their land to be,
and so invaded Poland, France and joined with Italy
to spread their message ’round the world, to build a Fatherland;
instead, they left a legacy too weak to even stand.

But George, they say, is different – he truly wants the best;
Despite his dark proclivities when hard put to the test,
he seeks to unify the world, not with great bombs and guns,
but for the benefit of mankind’s daughters and its sons.

They call King George a witless cretin, but I think they lie;
I only hope that I can be disproved ere by and by.
For in this brave new world, we do not need another king –
And only by seeking the truth, can we avoid the thing.

12 DEC 2002

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