Monotheists Anonymous

A Twelve Step Program for Decreasing Spiritual Density

Note: probably the hardest part of this journey is the point at which you realize there is no Big Book. Once you have reached that epiphany, you can start working the Steps.

Step One

We admitted that we had total and full responsibility for our thoughts, actions and lives, whether we perceived them as good, bad or indifferent.

Step Two

We ceased to believe that a third party, seen or unseen, could be blamed for our situation, or could restore us to sanity.

Step Three

We made a decision to seek a balance with the divine energies that exist in all life, as we understand them, accepting and cherishing the both male and female nature of these energies, and at the same time, recognizing that each individual’s perception of the divine is unique to themselves.

Step Four

We made a searching and fearless inventory of our fears, social conditioning, religious/mythological worldview and educational limitations, identifying those areas of our thinking that did not accurately reflect reality, as we understood it.

Step Five

We admitted to ourselves and to another living creature the exact nature of our interdependence and co-creative responsibilities, as fully functioning egalitarian participants in the Universe.

Step Six

We became entirely ready to seek a balance between the “light” and “dark”, realizing that duality is a function of perception.

Step Seven

We humbly accepted our shortcomings and sought to overcome them, and in doing so, came to an understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the shortcomings of others.

Step Eight

We made a list of all persons we had harmed and accepted full responsibility in this life and the next for the consequences of our harmful actions.

Step Nine

We made direct amends to those we had harmed who would accept those amends, except when to do so would interfere with operation of another’s will, and accepted the loss in our lives of those who would not either accept amends, or make them to us.

Step Ten

We continued to consciously examine our motives for thought and action, and to seek positive change in ourselves through the application of internally embraced ethics, rather than externally imposed morality.

Step Eleven

We sought through personal and meaningful ritual, meditation and communion with nature to improve our conscious awareness of the Life Force inhabiting all things, seeking to realign ourselves with the Universal Current and resolving to Know, to Will, to Dare and to Keep Silent.

Step Twelve

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we shared our path with others when those paths coincided with our own, but realized that each must find their own way, their own path, and did not attempt to convince anyone of the suitability of our own path for any but ourselves.

Although this page is intended as a parody, it may also be taken seriously. Results in the program, however, will vary depending on how seriously you take yourself.

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