Daily Archives: December 10, 2002

Winter in New Orleans

It’s not so cold as in Montana,
the winter in Louisiana;
but if the humid heat of June
boils thin your blood, you change you tune
when icy rain clouds fill the sky
and it drops below fifty five.

I’ve lived up north, and shoveled snow
and I don’t miss 18 below;
it’s warmer here down in the south,
but there’s no heat near Hades’ mouth,
just blust’ry winds and sheets of cold –
to tell the truth, it’s getting old.

I moved to N’awlins for the heat,
to save my frozen hands and feet
but in this season there’s no bliss;
it shouldn’t be as cold as this.

I’ve no complaint, but still I moan,
in this supposed tropic zone.

10 DEC 2002