A Literary Question

Well, perhaps it’s a trick question, but I don’t think so…has anyone actually read (all the way through) Gurdjieff’s Beezelbub’s Tales to His Grandson? I have to admit it – I am a voracious reader that has plowed through a great number of difficult books – but I find myself unable to make through more than the first 100 pages or so without losing momentum. I know he uses patterned language and specific words/phrases to disrupt conventional/run-of-the-mill thinking, but still … and the book is in paperback about 3-1/2″ inches thick. It seems so daunting, and I appreciate what I can get through, and it is extremely intriguing and fascinating reading…but like I said, only about 100 pages and I’m exhausted.

Anyone else have the same experience? If you have read it all the way through, howja do it? Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I must say, it’s a damn good thing I don’t HAVE to read it for some college course or something. I’d be up the creek.

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