The Anti-War Codicil

Crank up the war machine, conscript the poor!
The wisest solution is we must to war.
For we are insulted, and slighted, and more;
we must have a cause, a wolf there at the door.

We lead by example, as everyone knows,
an emperor naked, in praise of our clothes;
yet no one makes mention, and why, you suppose,
that our face is disfigured from lacking a nose?

And who are we fighting? Well, we’re not quite sure —
but it’s doubtless an evil that threatens the pure,
a menace to freedom, and all that’s demure —
well, it’s symptoms, not causes we’re aiming to cure.

So let fly the cannon and loose the war plane!
No rhetoric slows us; no need to explain.
“There’s no time to waste!” should be our proud refrain;
enthusiasm is what conquers our pain.

And those who still wonder, and question this fate?
We must give up freedom for good of the state;
and forget convenience before it’s too late.
Just think of those brave souls with naught on their plate!

If were were in Rome, we would need some great Nero:
a leader with vision, who lets our fire grow.
With flourish and pomp we’ll declare our new hero!
The score? Give us one, and give everyone zero.

05 DEC 2002

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