The 4:20 Blues

Okay, okay, so it’s another throwaway song. Maybe it will work as the theme song for NORML … LOL

Out on a limb, you’ve got to sink or swim
And either one is a political act
There on a whim, it’s much to late to begin
To separate what you have learned from the facts

Poised on the brink, your neck in the drink
You’ve got to improvise the skill that you lack
After a while, you start to fake it with style
And then there’s not much chance to turn back

Nothing left to lose, maybe then you’ll choose
The 4:20 blues

Out on the lamb, it’s hard to give a good damn
Beyond the next turnaround of the wheel
If you’re in on the plan, you fall for the scam
Or figure out the safest way you can deal

Poised on the ledge, or stuck in the hedge
You’ve got to subliminate the way that you feel
After a while, you start to take it and smile
And then there’s not much hope for appeal

Nothing left to lose, how can you refuse
The 4:20 blues

Out on the line, you start to thinking it’s fine
And then the tug starts reeling you in
If you’ve got enough rope, you may think you can cope
Until the hook pulls under your chin

Poised in the net, you start to feel a regret
But it’s a little late for struggling then
After a while, your bones will be on the pile
And you can start all over again

Nothing left to lose, might as well break through
The 4:20 blues

22 NOV 2002

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