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Debt Collection: limerick

There once was a young man from Kent
who earned a lot less than he spent;
when pressed to make good,
he replied, “Well, I should,
but I cannot surrender a cent.”

Another young soul from Sabine
said, “Brother, I know what you mean:
once you start to borrow
against funds tomorrow,
the vultures keep your pockets clean.”

To these two, the loan shark replied,
“Nonpayment I cannot abide;
so let’s end this charade.
Your debts must be paid
or you will feel my thorn in your side.”

“Alas,” said the youths in reply,
“in the face of such wrath, we must fly!”
And in the dark of night,
they started their flight
and haven’t been seen since July.

03 APR 2017

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Seed Thought on Wealth

Money is not wealth. Wealth is the accomplished technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growful needs of life. Money is only an expediency-adopted means of interexchanging disparately sized, nonequatable items of real wealth. — R. Buckminister Fuller, Critical Path

How wealthy are you? What is your treasure? I know that sometimes I think I have so little to work with; and yet, in the overall scheme of things I have indeed an abundance. And what we have, that is what we have to give.

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Today’s quote

Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle.
— Ken Hakuta

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