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A School of Truth

The world is full of empty headed fools —
their courses set by half truths and whole lies —
who trust their leaders, and obey the rules,
and bow to every bright new flag that flies.

To cry “Alas!” that there are such as these
is pointless waste of energy and time.
One might as well imagine every breeze
a hurricane, each pole a desert clime.

Each seeks a level suited to their stage,
and to expect the masses to react
against their nature’s book (line, verse and page)
is to deny both illusion and fact.

In such a world, it’s difficult to keep
from thinking that some doom is close at hand.
A wise observer oft can only weep,
while knowing their tears, few will understand.

And yet, despite the cruel and senseless scenes
that seem to dominate the nightly news
(where gloried ends achieved by any means
are often praised as righteous, sacred views)

some things still retain power, and unscarred,
escape vain rhetoric’s ensnaring noose.
Despite how it may read on the cue card,
truth cannot be perverted for misuse.

Some may abuse it, twist it, change white black,
by their perversion cast it into doubt,
but some part of it, pure and strong, fights back;
and in the darkest hour, it will out.

The trick is finding what truth is in you,
that inner core that no one can corrupt.
Against that strength, no matter what they do,
all lies must end, and lying tongues, shut up.

With that accomplished, even mindless fools
may start to overcome their empty state.
A shame they don’t teach that technique in schools;
perhaps we should, before it is too late.

22 JAN 2005

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Wrongful Thinking Department 101

Quote from a currently running commercial for Cox Digital Telephone:
“If a million people are doing it, it must be a good thing, right?”

So, if a million people are jumping off of cliffs, to use a metaphor from my mother’s playbook when I was a kid, you should be doing it too?

Or to paint with a much broader brush … if a million people are racist, sexist, bigoted, uptight, boorish cads, then that’s the direction you want to head in? If a million people support a fascist dictator with an agenda that includes decimation of people not like him (or them), that makes it a worthy cause?

Wow. Marketing never ceases to amaze me.

To paraphrase Ibsen, since when has the majority ever managed to do anything but ostracize (and that’s the mild end of the reactive spectrum — the other end would include thumbscrews and quartering or crucifying) its innovators?

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