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Tall Tales: anagram

If you would tell tall tales, at least
refrain from stale cliché, and try,
when your imagination fails, to steal
with a light and creative touch.

If you would wipe clean story’s slate
before you start “once on a time”,
remember this: the little things
divide the world – and build its walls.

10 JAN 2017

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To Live Unveiled: an anagram

If there is evil in the world,
some vile persistent force for ill
that while we live pursues our souls
in secret, behind beauty’s veil,
I wonder at its silent spells.

Because when all the world is still,
when you can listen close enough,
there is no dark-masked murmuring
beneath the roar of living’s sea;
and even on life’s jagged coast,

where quiet inlets wait, unmapped,
to enlist unwary travelling ships
and lure them into mire and doom,
I’ve found no trace of infamy,
nor any signifying mark.

09 NOV 2010

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Not New, Not the World, and Not Order: an anagram exercise

I’d just as lief pretend to know,
Like Aristotle, where to file each thing;
But to seek more knowledge than I need
On this subject is to pursue evil ends.

For life arranges on its own
The order in which lessons come;
Worrying that their sequence is vile
is not to live at all.

02 APR 2004

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