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Come Out, Come Out: terzanelle

Come out, come out! It’s only rain;
the world has not dissolved as yet.
The clouds will loose the sun again.

It sometimes seems hard to forget
that darkness does not rule all things;
the world has not dissolved as yet.

And after all, rain showers bring
new growth, and wash away the grime
so darkness does not rule all things.

To waste away seems such a crime;
use these slow hours to energize.
New growth will wash away the grime.

Do not despair the stormy skies!
Come out! come out! it’s only rain.
Use these slow hours to energize;
the clouds will loose the sun again.

06 JUN 2017

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None Will Come Clean: double dactyl

President Blunderbuss
spoke through the microphone
into the night,
his senseless sentences
building a fantasy
woven from bullshit and
wrapped nice and tight.

our fawning senators
there in the gallery
gave their applause,
praising his policy
without much exception:
a bent for destruction,
simply because.

those in the gallery
looked on in wonderment
at this mad scene.
In this great travesty
we all have have dirty hands,
pointless to disinfect.
None will come clean.

01 MAR 2017

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Listen: cinquain

Let the sound come;
as you sense this new song,
pretend you just developed ears,
and hear.

The sensation
of experience finds you;
feel the music filling your bones
with light.

What you’re hearing
isn’t just some symphony
composed of random, crashing waves
of sound.

to the heartbeat
underneath the octaves;
in that small space between the breaths
it sounds.

Let the sound come;
if you let yourself sing,
you can alter the melody
of life.

09 FEB 2017

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