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Happy New Year: an acrostic

H ow many times must we repeat the same old lines,
a nd with conviction try to
p rove that our broken and misguided
p olicies provide us with medicine and not poison that
y ou and I so joyfully swill?

N o one stole our freedom; we simply let it
e rode.
W hat difference, when we are not listening, when

y outh is spent in pointless
e ducation, and maturity wasted chasing youth
a nd forgetting how to
r ead?

03 JAN 2017

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Election Day: an acrostic

E ach of us would make some change:
L eave off those evils of the past,
E mbrace some thread of common good,
C hoose what is best for all, not one.
T his thought in mind, we cast our vote
I n hope that it will do some good:
O ne straw can break a camel’s back, or
N urse to health a dying dream.

D ecide: will you in silence grant
A stranger rights to make your fate?
Y our life is yours. Choose for yourself.

03 NOV 2010

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Om Mani Padme Hum

Oh, to express in simple words
My fervent wish and prayer:

Mankind, to find its center space
And seek beyond rebirth and death;
Not worry that it leaves behind
Infinite unfinished possibilities.

Peace: that is what we lose
Amidst this daily upmanship,
Denying that with win or lose, what’s
Mine is fleeting, as is yours.
Each treasures their illusions best.

Harm another, harm yourself.
Understanding this, transcend and let
Mankind evolve and learn to live.

31 JUL 2006

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The Storms We Name: an acrostic

H elpless in the laughing face of elemental change
u nloosed as a pointed reminder that we each exist –
r eally, at the mercy of the Mother’s loving hands, the
r ight extending blessing, while the left removes our veiled
i llusions of reality. When humans pause and
c ontemplate their permanence beyond wild theories
a nd religious dogma it really comes to this:
n othing last forever except
e nergy, which we can only borrow for a while.

K ept too long, without knowledge of its purpose, it
a trophies, or seeks to be released; we see this shift as
t rauma, without sensing the balance that is
r ighted by a ruthlessness that makes our lives seem
i nconsequential, even meaningless, when compared to
n ature’s awesome bent for self-renewal
a nd will for preservation of the whole.

09 OCT 2005

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Self-Similarity: an acrostic


J ust give me a moment
O f your time, and together, we’ll try to
H onestly explore the taste of
N ew wine in old wineskins,
L ight cigarettes with old matches, and
I n the process, attempt to learn something about
T he way the world has shaped us. In the quiet
Z en of here and now, where
E verything, like Shroedinger’s Cat, both is and is
N ot, let us wander wide-eyed and amazed,
B oth expecting nothing, and
E verything, seeking for a new
R eality. Let understanding be our
G oal, this time around. On the next trip, who knows?

I again:

J ury’s still
O ut. Will they
H ang him, or
N ot?
L ikely they’ll call him
I nsane, either way.
T ruth is, the
Z eitgest that
E nvelopes this time will
N ot accept or
B elieve the possibility
E xists for a
R eality outside its chosen
G rail.

31 APR 2004

Well, it’s that time again. Time to revisit, in alphabetical order, the poetic forms as identified in Lewis Turco’s The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics. Starting with today’s poem, we’ll visit all the traditional verse forms, starting with lyric Poetry, then progressing to dramatic and narrative Poetry.

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Enough Crying Are Everywhere People: an acrostic

Population perpetrates
paranormal piecemeal
poppycock pollution pornography.
Posterior politics
police pollen poltergeists,
producing portable priest polygraphs
pushing Plato purity.

Extremist existential elephantiasis egos
elevate egrarian elation,
eclipsing elliptical ergonomic energy.
Exception ends ecclesiastical evolution,
exacerbating eternal eventide.

Alarmist action attitude arms adam atom
around antiquated asinine archaic anomaly and anarchy.
All above attempts are aggravated.

Cessation corporation cremates corporeal capital.
Crazies, cops, collegians, Cistercians, cliques corrupt congress.
Central common clarity, clouded, cannot continue.

Egalitary earth extends euphoric embraces,
ends exceptions.
Each edge evens,
establishes essential essence,
escapes escalating ethnocentric etiquette,
exists expansively.
Evil, ejected, exploded, expatriate,
ends everywhere.


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Stating the Obvious

Night will tend to fall at the end of each day –
Only a few see such a thing as a threat.

Men with something to hide direct your attention
Overseas, where the enemy is an easy target, flailing
Rhetoric like an endless river of abuse, hoping that
Emotion will overcome reason and good sense.

Why is it necessary to take arms against
An alleged sea of troubles (that will never be ended as long as
Rich white men must get what they want)?

14 FEB 2003

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