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The Songs That Filled My Boyhood

The songs that filled my boyhood time are gone,
their melodies have faded with the years;
and all my vain attempts to sing along
have left only their skeletons, and tears.

Mere shadows take their place, as mummers’ tunes,
their substance lost to darkness and neglect;
and now, like worn-down tracings on old runes,
they hide their meaning and demand respect.

You hear their traces, sometimes, on the wind,
or in an imitation from a bird,
and then some noise intrudes and once again
they fade. To chase them thither seems absurd.

What songs are these that so enthralled a boy?
The anthems of a world embracing joy.

05 APR 2006

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The Moon Dancing

The moon is swollen full tonight,
her belly stretched out in the light;
that glow ascribed to pregnant maids
reflects down through the tall pines’ shade
and with a wash of purple blue
includes the woods’ edge in my view.

There in the timid shadows where
the evening breeze parts leaves like hair
a scent of cedar, oak and gum
plays softly as a guitar strummed
against the senses, soft and low,
as limbs brush gently to and fro.

Against the lunar silhouettes
played out along the low slung fence
the moonlight dances, shy and meek,
as if it would, should someone speak,
retreat back to the forest wall
and act as if not there at all.

16 OCT 2005

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The shadow of greatness

I was born, have grown old,
and someday I will die
In the shadow of greatness
named by other men.

In that murky darkness
I’ve been raised and schooled,
my dreams cast in contrast
against a great them.

My peers, likewise crippled
with fear, doubt and awe,
accept this dark prison,
this pinion-wing maw.

And those who would step beyond
what others cast,
and embrace light willingly,
must fight the past,

the spectres and echoes
of self-righteous souls
who built us these prisons
by seeking control

of urges and passions
that they themselves fought,
but knowing their power
thought it best to not

encourage such things.

3 JUN 2005

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a wisp of purple clouded sky

The now expectant moon, hid by
a wisp of purple clouded sky
bathes all in dappled glints of light
that stand on open ground this night.

And those whose lives are passing by,
a wisp of purple clouded sky,
imagine some great royal thread
that washes down on their foreheads.

While some, their purpose soft, diffused, like
a wisp of purple clouded sky,
see out beyond the falling shade
and grasp fast to the day’s last sigh.

The past is gone now, put to bed,
a wisp of purple clouded sky;
and in the coming dark, new day
is birthed and takes its place instead.

I gazed across the roofs and trees at
a wisp of purple clouded sky;
and watched the moon, grown full and fat
sing out a soft, sweet lullaby

Now lost among dark blues and black
a wisp of purple clouded sky
much like a tear, first wet, then dried
leaves no sign to mark its track

And so, each moment seems to fly,
a wisp of purple clouded sky;
each separate color fades so soon
and leaves us staring at the moon.

06 MAY 2006

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Me and My Shadow

Inside me is a shadow
that waits for days like these:
when small things blossom into
catastrophes, its seems
to swallow up the sunshine,
and linger, like a fog
there on the steps beside me
as my feet slowly move
into this house, where love lives
and life is sweet and good.

It follows me in silence
and fills my mind with fears:
that I am not worth loving
and will just disappear.

And then, it bites in anger
at my protesting self,
sapping my strength and motive,
so I can barely think.

A dark, foreboding takes me
from this fair world of light,
and in its grasp I flounder.

No hand hold to be found
nor peaceful thought of beauty
there in that place of woe.

I lay no blame on others
for this, my wretched state —
it comes upon me, sometimes
and will not dissipate
until its passion passes,
and leaves me, sore and tired.

There is no rhyme or reason,
save I am uninspired.

And is this lack of sunshine
the fault of those I love?
No, it is just my shadow,
half of what I’m made of.

28 AUG 2003

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