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Simple Ways: pantoum

Some say that simple ways are still the best;
as we add complication, things decline.
How we live puts that principle to test:
it’s so subjective, what one thinks is fine.

So, adding complication wreaks decline?
Stop making babies; that’s simple enough.
It’s so subjective, what one thinks is fine;
applying principles yourself – that’s tough.

Stop making babies; but that’s not enough.
End all this mad charade of cheating death.
Applying principles yourself is tough;
it’s work that needs more effort than just breath.

End all this mad charade of cheating death!
The purpose of this life is growing old.
it’s work that needs more effort than just breath;
those simple ways, if possible, are best.

11 APR 2017

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Greeting Christian Ladies: a pantoum

Hello, I told the ladies at the gate:
Come in, I’d like to hear of your good news.
But first, and on this I’ll hear no debate,
I’d like to offer some good news to you.

You’ll need no chapter or verse for this news;
the Word of God is not inside that book.
But listen, to this truth I’ll share with you:
The Word of God is life – listen and look.

It says the Word became flesh in that book,
that that flesh died so you could live more full;
and so, in truth, the world lives, and then, look –
the carrot dies, the chicken, fish and bull.

With life, in each second, the world is full,
and too, with death, for each must turn to dust;
to think it otherwise is purely bull –
for we have eaten, and give back we must.

Now our time is so short, then turns to dust,
So ladies, please retire, and shut the gate;
I hate to bid adieu, but fear I must,
and bring an end to our pleasant debate.

15 JUL 2003

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