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Shape the Now: cyrch a chwta

It’s yesterday we cling to,
that we prefer to what’s new,
choosing safety, not what’s true:
life goes on, us with it too.
It has no rules; memories do,
and don’t shift the world and skew
the facts used to shape the Now,
which somehow is left to you.

17 FEB 2017

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Some Things

Some things that might have always been:
that reason clouds the minds of men,
and lets them think a thing defined
is by those limits held entwined;
one’s moral compass shows true north;
that one can judge another’s worth
by using just the scale you know;
or can by wishing make it so.

Some things have been that should not be:
the vain illusion that once “free”,
one sees the world without deceit;
that victory holds no defeat;
that there is, and will always stay,
a place so black and white, that gray
can find no stronghold nor sustain;
that pleasure teaches less than pain.

Some things that ought to come to pass:
that traveling so far, so fast,
will give perspective on the whole,
and our illusions of control
might fade and gently fade to dust;
our war machines can slowly rust;
and in that brave new world, somehow,
come things not even dreamt of now.

18 JUL 2016

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