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The Wild Wind: droighneach

Believe me: there is nothing evident
found in the wild wind’s sad apology
that echoes the swift, mad accident
of an empirical chronology.

The sound careens off the walls and multiplies,
pale murmurs slipping along an endless cavity
where caught words glow and briefly shine, like fireflies,
then gently fade in obscurity.

02 MAR 2017

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With one word aloud

With one word aloud,
the illusion is broken
as the echo fades.

So deep, this still well,
that a small sound is strengthened
and seems so much more.

But echoes will fade;
and in the gaping silence
words do not survive.

The illusion is
that there is one who listens.
Without sound, who knows?

What use is speaking
in such an empty cavern?
My ego needs this?

21 JUL 2006

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If no one listens

If no one listens what’s the point of lying?
It takes less effort just to speak the truth;
and any action taken worth denying
will more than likely come to little use.

If no ones pays attention for the echo
that new velocity leaves in its wake,
what difference whether dios or diablo
who punishes us for such a small mistake?

If no one watches for the dawn with wonder,
what good another day just like before?
Perhaps we are indeed a cosmic blunder,
just parasites left stranded on this shore.

If no one listens, can the voice of reason
be blamed if it elects to remain mute?
When thinking independently is treason,
who will cry “Fire!” with no one left to shoot?

10 May 2005

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