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Only Dream: alcaics

I cannot seek for infinite solutions,
spend endless hours harboring discussion,
just lurking in some thoughtful quagmire,
patiently awaiting final judgment.

How vain to think such artifice delivers
a useful purpose, meaningful salvation,
the precious jewel for reason’s scepter
dispensing revelation to the worthy.

What truth is there in this pointless anointing,
in crowning jesters, mindlessly applauding
like shameless harlots begging mercy,
expecting infinite and wise response?

The single answer, brilliantly revealing
a blinding beacon that dispels the darkness
is just a simple childlike wishing.
Redemption? Absolution? Only dreaming.

06 JAN 2017

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Butterfly Wing: an alcaic

The smallest gesture multiplies instantly:
a careless murmur, effortless whispering,
with armor piercing force, it thunders;
delicate palimpsests shudder, helpless.

The silence of an infinite solitude,
in just an instant, changes its character;
and shouting, loses shape and substance,
wallowing uselessly out from nothing.

06 NOV 2010

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Abandon This Garbage: alcaics

Oh wisdom seeking mendicant travelers,
your baggage and burdens are troubling handicaps;
they will not help you on your journey.
Abandon this garbage by the roadside.

If you would find some unforeseen adventure,
let drop your jaded world-weary illusions;
you have no need of those old crutches.
Use your own power to find the pathway.

Look inward, pilgrim: investigate carefully
what you have right now. Nothing is infinite
that has an ending, a start or finish;
if you see its edges, it’s not the source.

No dusty volume filling up shelving space
can provide answers; nor can just believing
in teachers, prophets, soldiers or saints.
The source of energy does not costume.

It is not waiting, patiently camouflaged
while you are wasting excuses and lifetimes.
It does its business, whether you are
singing in harmony or out of tune.

11 AUG 2006

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Allness of Everything: alcaics

In seeking out the allness of everything
(a journey full of critical posturing
that makes our baggage less intrusive)
listening silently guides each footfall.

Each minute’s chat, each garrulous dialogue,
that nervous banter drowning the emptiness
of what the world leaves as unspoken,
cleverly misdirects those who search for

the secret, sacred whispering undertone
that proves a pulse still dripping with energy,
of beyond ancient time and birthing:
constantly creating all of being.

15 OCT 2005

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Speak Low: an alcaic

If someone listens intently, patiently
for something beyond audible sensation
each moment becomes sacred silence
embracing the hearer into being

If someone watches quietly, carefully
for something behind visible perceptions
each vista becomes secret beauty
embracing the viewer into making

If someone ponders honestly, tirelessly
on something beyond logical reflection
each finding becomes useful knowledge
embracing the thinker into balance.

01 APR 2004

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