Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

The Ballad of St. Orwell

It might seem uncommon, to some passing strange,
that your life some others would like to arrange,
to limit your options, your sights and your range;
a preposterous thought, you’ll agree.

It might seem presumptuous, to say the least,
to let someone else say who starves and who feasts,
and draw a hard line between layman and priest;
yes, it feels overzealous to me.

It might seem unusual, in point of fact,
that those who have plenty despise those who lack,
yet build their great empires on those same poor backs;
an unsettling picture to see.

They might seem in error, such customs as these,
that lift a few up but leave most on their knees,
though the difference between them is but small degrees;
yes, a puzzling dichotomy.

It might seem quite curious, given some thought,
that some will complain, while most others stay bought,
and give up those precious gifts so dearly bought;
a great mystery, oh yes, indeed.

It might be for nothing, this musing of mine,
some light entertainment served with bread and wine,
but into each darkness surely, some light must shine;
while I’ve breath in me, so it will be.

25 APR 2013

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