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Cannon fodder: an ottava rima

Praise the Lord and birth more cannon fodder!
Perpetuate our species, one and all!
Salvation’s army needs our sons and daughters;
don’t fret, you may reclaim them when they fall.
Desist from that sad mewling! ‘Tis not slaughter!
They fight to keep the heathens from the wall.
As goes the battle, so will go the war –
until our children won’t march anymore.

04 APR 2013

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It is not enough

It is not enough;
this sad waiting to evolve
serves no real purpose.

What good is this time,
if we long for what is next
and learn nothing here?

It is not enough
to stand around here waiting
expecting great change.

What good are those dreams,
if no one can be inspired
to act upon them?

It is not enough
just to think and talk and wish;
there must be movement.

What use are mere thoughts?
They cannot motivate us
until they catch fire.

08 APR 2013

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