Daily Archives: September 3, 2003

Half a Score

This decade slipped by faster than the ones before;
the moments made of smaller, finer stuff.
The days turn into months, each year turns into four,
and often there just doesn’t seem to be enough

time to keep in focus where the journey leads,
time to find a balance between wants and needs,
time to ask the questions and await response.
Time slips into darkness, and you can’t retrieve it once
it’s gone.

Ten years of growing older and of changing dreams
while things once so important fade to gray.
Some visions turn to nightmares, and sometimes it seems
what you hold so tightly starts to slip away … in

time, that keeps on moving despite what you do,
time that heals all wounds and maybe makes a few,
time that marks our limits, fencing our lives in.
Time slips into darkness, and sometimes you never notice when
it’s gone.

A decade filled with finished tasks and things undone;
each milestone a new monument to change.
The actions and reactions pile up once begun,
and in the rear view mirror, look so strange.

Where does the time go, dissolving into empty space?
Do I have time enough, where do I stand in the race?
Is there some purpose for living in this time and place,
watching the lines in the mirror etched into my face?

Time for unlearning and learning again,
time for beginning to accept the end,
time for more dreams and for singing new songs.
Time slips into darkness, and the darkness doesn’t realize
it’s gone.

03 SEP 2003

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