Daily Archives: January 19, 2003

Writing for Children

To put it so it appeals to the young,
weave a world that is perfectly inviting
and despite a deep first-rate commitment
to adventure and wond’rous mystery

still manage to inject a few lessons;
the trick, I believe, is to imagine
that you are writing for the kid who thinks
they have grown up, and also for parents

who believe you are never too old
(to imagine, dream, believe in true love).
There’s such a thin line, there, between childish
and child-like. So many people forget
what it means to cherish not quite knowing
how the book is going to end. How sad…

19 JAN 2003


Again, perhaps if there were but a way,
‘tho as it is maybe it’s just as well:
for when your tongue is tripped with come what may
quite thereupon one never can quite tell.

And then, between the whatsit and the whence
there often flies a fact that begs, beware:
’tis many long the night’s experience
and such the different sort returns from there.

But in the end, it always goes to show,
and sets itself aright with no complaint;
for despite all the blather in between

it’s really rather a small thing to know.
So trip ye merry, both sinner and saint –
the truth is only what you make it mean.

19 JAN 2003