Daily Archives: December 9, 2002


My country, our freedom, our way of life –
A gift from the gods, or a two-edged knife?
Our neighborhood, to be patrolled from within;
not defined by what we take out, but what we put in.

True ownership lies in accepting the charge
Of nurturing a thing, and so, by and large
We only possess what we put ourselves in,
and so those things own us as well.

And what of those things that we get as a gift?
Like family, or friends or a nation of birth?
If you put nothing in, and for life, merely get,
Then you use, but you never own.

The law says possession defines who owns,
yet what does it take to possess?
And if your religion states you possess by right,
that’s a little too convenient.

09 DEC 2002

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