Daily Archives: December 4, 2002

For Stardances in Summer

Here is an old poem of mine that I rediscovered while updating my website. BTW, it is one of the poems that I wrote for Starlight Dances during our on-line courtship 🙂

Early morning sun
The gentle mist of green woods
Who would not choose it?

The birds coo and cry
Their songs of warm lit sunshine
Who can help but hear?

Soft breeze across my face
A quiet touch, nature’s kiss
Who would not respond?

The fire in ashes
Scent of thistle, burdock root
Who does not sense it?

Warm light in my beard
The taste of honey sweet lips
Who tries resistance?

The buzz of insect life
Their diligent wings beating
Who still listens there?

Young tender grass sighs
Beneath my careful bare toes
Who does not touch earth?

The rising sky orb
Blesses each and all creature
Who does not belong?

JUN 1999