Daily Archives: November 20, 2002

A reflection on the state of the art(s)

“As a result of this overwhelming choice and the ease of going elsewhere, web users exhibit a remarkable impatience and insistence on instant gratification. If they can’t figure out how to use a website in a minute or so, they conclude that it won’t be worth their time. And they leave.” — Jakob Nielson, Designing Web Usability

And this is the audience to which our web-based creative endeavours are being presented. No wonder there is such a plethora of easily digestible art on the web. It provides instant gratification, and sensation that you don’t have to think about, or work at, or become involved with in any way except superficially. After all, relief from awareness is only a click away.

As We Are But Travelers Here

Well, my friends, I just found out one of my poems is included in a published anthology, The Pagan’s Muse: Poems of Ritual and Inspiration, edited by Jane Raeburn. The poem included is As We Are But Travelers Here, a poem I composed while dabbling with the Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) Dedicant Program. It’s intended to demonstrate my understanding of the Nine Noble Virtues (tenets of druid life for ADF): Wisdom, Piety, Vision, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Hospitality, Moderation, and Fertility.

As we are but travelers here,
beneath this canopy of sky
and rooted to this mount of earth,
step gently as your path goes by.

Remember that beyond the sight
that links us all as kin,
and thankful, lift your voice in praise
to gods without, divine within.

Tho’ we may walk for many miles,
the journey is itself an end;
so, when you pause to rest, reflect,
and when you can, assist a friend.

Give caution to stray thought of might
and careful tend the fire;
for once unloosed, the thoughtless flame
knows not between the rose and briar.

Your word is but your only wealth,
and as the coin, the source;
spend wisely, know that your needs are few,
and oft a want may lead to force.

And walk ye proud, but not in spite;
resist the urge to shun —
for who among us truly knows
when paths are ended, or begun?

Seek out the truth, where it is found,
and finding it, rejoice;
and when the darkness hides that truth,
give light with steady voice.

Again, give thanks for gifts received,
as chance has made them yours;
for when the gift reflects the giver,
that is its reward.

As we are but travelers here,
take heed to tread a gentle way;
for each step shows a different path
where wondrous journeys lay.

17 OCT 1999