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The tree of reason: a replacement poem

Reason is an undirected graph
in which any two vertices are connected
by exactly one simple path.

Reason is a perennial plant
with an elongated stem, or trunk,
supporting leaves or branches.

In some usages,
the definition of reason
may be narrower.

Reason can be empty
with no nodes
called the null or empty reason

or reason is a structure
consisting of one node called the root
and one or more subnodes.

12 APR 2014

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Beyond Faith and Belief

Should you and I want to discuss
the ins and outs of our belief
(how one way suits and others don’t),
let’s keep it to the point, and brief,
and leave those things like faith behind.

For faith and reason do not meet;
the one without the other fills
quite different needs: pure faith exists
to carry us between effects
for which we find no logic’s cause.

And reason? That’s the evidence
that each will use to prove their case
(and often, when intents diverge,
can point so many different ways
and then make liars of either side.

But you and I, unless we hate,
can talk about our firm beliefs;
and find perhaps some middle ground
where our perceptions may give way
to solid ground, instead of air.

But hate? What good is that to us,
if what we dream we can achieve
is something more than us and them,
beyond the blame we both should share,
some kind of balance, some small peace?

Let’s talk, and leave such fools behind
that would become what they despise;
instead, let’s listen for a while
and let our voices, strained with shouts,
take time to heal before we speak.

15 SEP 2008

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True power isn’t intimidation
nor does it manifest itself by fear;
lashing out doesn’t help a situation,
nor make a solution any more clear.

Might has never really made a cause right,
only forced gentler souls to be slaves
and pushed trust and reason far out of sight.
It is no great thing, yet we name brutes brave

who resist tender feelings and can strike
without mercy or any sense of shame.
If they can dominate, hold all the cards,

then we cower as they take what they like,
never holding our own culture to blame
while we build more prisons and new graveyards.

08 MAR 2003

for LJ user nutmeggie

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