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Nothing is more true: a terza rima

How much more could I love you than I do?
It surely may seem possible, and yet
in those dear days left to me (all too few)

to think that I could possibly forget
or cast aside the one light of my days,
discard the truest friend I’ve ever met,

or fail somehow to sing your constant praise;
it’s far more likely I will sprout some wings.
I’ve grown accustomed to your loving ways,

and come to cherish all the little things.
There is no better match for me than you;
and each day with you some new pleasure brings.

How can you have doubt? Nothing is more true.

15 APR 2014

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You and Me Against the World

You and me against the world?
Well, damn them folks to hell
who think that they’re the passioned ones
and we’ve nothing to sell,
nor anything worth sharing
except grand ideas and talk;
I say, let’s keep believing in ourselves
and walk the walk.

Who cares if they all shy away,
afraid to step outside
the narrow confines of their raising,
ignorance and pride?
The world is more than any of us
can hold in our hands;
I’d rather be thought a great fool
than say I understand.

So, you and me against the world?
There’s not a better pair;
for both of us seek for the truth
that is out there, somewhere,
not in a single grain strewn on
some vast and endless beach,
but right here, where our feet are resting,
toes pressed each to each.

Let’s do just as we please, my dear;
remember that the rest
will either think us quite insane
or bound for hell, at best.
So long as we’ve each other,
there’s no telling what we’ll do.
Let those who try to mock our joy
find their own scapegoats, too.

20 APR 2006

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My Reality

She’s no human interest story
torn from some eighteen point headline in the times;
she offers no redemption or salvation
to the readers of these lines,
like those miles that you fly over
as you run from one place to the next:
just as likely to get ridicule
as an ounce of understanding or respect.

But she is a friend of mine:
about half sinner and half saint;
and over the time we’ve shared
I can say I’ve no complaints.
Not trying to prove herself
to anyone, including me;
just living the best she can,
starring in my reality.

She’s not fodder for the tabloids,
the dark underbelly of some fallen star;
she offers no cash value or big prize,
no dream vacation or new car,
just a moment among millions
lost in the unending carnival of time:
just as likely to be overlooked
as noticed in the express grocery line.

But she is a friend of mine:
about half sour, the other sweet;
and in the balance that’s somehow struck,
I can say my life’s complete.
Not trying to change herself
for anyone, including me;
just living the best she can,
starring in my reality.

She’s no drama queen or actress
cast against type to improve a Nielson share;
she doesn’t seek the spotlight
or spend all her time imagining it’s there.
Just one more grown-up girl from Stonewall,
who’s been out beyond the dark edges of town
and found what makes life worth living:
growing through both up and down.

And she is a friend of mine:
about half crazy, and half sane;
that fits the way I am completely,
I have no reason to complain.
Not trying to prove her worth
to anyone, including me;
just being the one I want
starring in my reality.

27 NOV 2005

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