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Ode to Joy

Joy doesn’t “find” you;
good fortune won’t light
like bluebirds of happiness
on your slumped shoulders.

Joy doesn’t come up
like flowers in a garden,
some sudden epiphany
before your eyes.

Joy doesn’t “find” you;
it happens, on purpose,
the moment you seek it
in something you are.

Joy, much like happiness,
self, and fulfillment,
aren’t simply out there
like lottery picks.

Joy doesn’t “find” you.
You “find” it – by looking,
by acting according
to what you would be.

Joy doesn’t “find” you.
It does no good hoping,
unless you start moving
beyond listless dreams.

04 JAN 2017

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So-Called Simpleton’s Rag: a ditty

Find your feet and clap your hands!
Dig the rhythm of the band!
There’s no need to understand
or to worry where we’ll land.

Raise your voice and sing along!
Make some words up, right or wrong!
You will find that you belong
right here in this happy throng.

Drain your glass and grab another!
Greet your neighbor as your brother!
Now’s the time, there is no other
out there waiting to discover.

Dance, and by gods, leap for joy!
Every single girl and boy!
Nothing on earth can destroy
gladness, if it’s well employed.

Hop and skip, make hue and cry!
Kiss your cares and woes goodbye!
There is no good reason why
not to live before you die.

It’s not much – not cute or pretty,
neither smart nor wise or witty.
For that reason, more the pity,
no one’s bound to like this ditty.

19 DEC 2012

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Midwinter’s Tale: a carol (or carole)

Joyous tidings! Dance and sing!
Born, the sun, and with it, Spring!

Birth and rebirth, life’s delight:
in dark winter’s longest night
comes the spark of new year’s light.
Joyous tidings! Dance and sing!

Life’s bright flame shines through the cold,
now as in the days of old;
watch with joy as life unfolds.
Born, the sun, and with it, Spring!

Cast off hiberating ways
in these short and chill-filled days;
let us sing the warm sun’s praise!
Joyous tidings! Dance and sing!

From the hearth-fire grows the spark
to illuminate the dark;
a new calendar to mark.
Born, the sun, and with it, Spring!

As the old year finds its end,
time’s wheel comes around again;
enters stranger, leaves as friend.
Joyous tidings! Dance and sing!

Joyous tidings! Dance and sing!
Born, the sun, and with it, Spring!

28 NOV 2010

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This is a test.
I thought it best
to speak privately.
While the rest
of humankind
seethes at the breast
of Chaos,
suckling hot blood
from its chest,
let our shared words
somehow attest
to what is possible!
Let zest
for living fill us,
let us not leave
those great desires
that once impressed
us to make changes
to this world!
Let this bond be
our flag unfurled!

10 MAY 2006

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Joy to the World (a different version)

Joy in the world! The time is come!
Let earth reject all kings.
Let ev’ry heart give itself room,
and with all nature sing, and with all nature sing,
And with, and with all nature sing.

Joy in the world! No tyrant reigns!
Let men new songs employ;
While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy,
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy!

No more let pride’s illusions grow
in wars that spoil the ground;
It’s time to let earth’s blessings flow
Far as all life is found, far as all life is found
Far as, far as all life is found.

To fill the world with truth and grace
We must make nations prove
The folly of self-righteousness,
And share justice and love, And share justice and love,
And share, and share justice and love.

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Pursuing Happiness

Pursuit is chasing after, without loving to run –
not enjoying the wind whipping through your hair,
almost forgetting the purpose the race has begun –
just looking for something, you know not where.

Seeking is visiting a thing where it lives –
not wandering a hidden, overgrown mew,
almost losing your way as the underbrush gives –
just remembering something you already knew.

There is no joy in pursuing, unless your quarry
truly wants you to catch it, and gives you the chance –
and then, in a meaningless bother and flurry,
you imagine yourself and it, partners in dance.

But with seeking, you approach with an open heart,
bearing gifts for the host of the place;
knowing not what you will leave with when you part,
only sensing the truth with an honest face.

22 JUL 2003

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