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Heart of Mine: Qasida

Love, how sweet and how sublime
your song fills this heart of mine
with nourishment that seems divine,
suited for this heart of mine.

So I start a troubled climb
that may strain this heart of mine,
up the mountainside to find
who sings to this heart of mine.

‘Cross the crags and sharp incline,
echoes fill this heart of mine.
Love stays hidden, with no sign,
taunting this poor heart of mine.

Love, I seek you, though half blind,
trusting in this heart of mine –
for your song warms me like wine,
gives life to this heart of mine.

13 APR 2017

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The Smile That Sells

The smile that sells the message never writes it.
The sweat under the spotlights is for show.
The work it takes to make it all look easy
few understand, and most will never know.

The pain endured to make an hour’s pleasure,
the loss a pittance gained cannot recoup:
how little it seems worth to just continue.
How low is it required that one must stoop?

The easy laugh – how hard it is to fake it:
to hold the sorrow back, year after year.
The work is not enough; nothing can make it
seem less a torture and more a career.

12 APR 2013

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