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Cut the Crap: descort

You seek for “truth”:
for the origin of being,
the thing in itself,
but either don’t look hard
or waste time looking
in the wrong spot.

It’s right here:
the meaning is no recipe,
it is not the history of a dish
to be rehashed at leisure
to impress special friends.

What a double-edged sword
is imagination!

The way you classify a thing
in theory doesn’t change its lifestyle;
it makes no difference,
one way or the other,
what you choose to call it
when you think it’s out of the room.

To imagine that a thing exists
because we think of it,
and blinks away to nothingness
once it slips our minds
imposes a two-dimensional framework
on the world
wherein our consciousness
is the only proof of life.

You see the dog on your lap.
You see the ant at your foot.

How stupid is that supposition?

24 FEB 2017

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The Know of Unclouding: descort

What if I thought
for just a moment
of some mitigating circumstance
that might prove
beyond a shadow of doubt
the single
behind all appearances,
and in that fleeting instant, found
instead of solid rock,
just cloud,
and what if
when I reached within that mass
of disappearing mist and air
I forgot just what
I was

14 DEC 2012

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The Press Conference: descort

No outrage, just amused
(perhaps its because I can’t stand the sound
of his voice)
It reminds me of a song by Robyn Hitchcock
“He’s the president of Europe and he’s talking to the dead /
They’re the only ones who’ll listen or believe a word he’s said”
That, and Wenn ich Kultur hore
entsichere ich meinen Browning
runs through my head as he testifies
(as in testifying about his faith, under oath
only to his God)
There ought to be a law against running the country
without a mandate to do so
(like say, the popular vote).

13 APR 2004

* Hanns Johst, a German playwright of the Nazi era, wrote “Wenn ich Kultur hore… entsichere ich meinen Browning” (When I hear the word “Culture”, I reach for my Browning (rifle)).

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