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What Good is That: rime royal

What is the Truth, that we spend all our days,
from birth to death, imagining so fair
that we invent, seek to avoid or praise
some vain ideal constructed from thin air,
that as illusion is beyond compare;
it casts religions merely to take form
that neither breathes nor catches fire to warm.

What is the Truth that holds no little lies,
that is just pure just “that” and so and so.
it disappears from view when cut to size,
each grain of sand both yes and no;
the smoke and mirrors added just for show.
Each leaf of truth is part seed of deceit;
the laurel leaf the child of base defeat.

What is the Truth? An absolute so still
it stagnates to allow algae to grow,
and in the rotting flesh of every kill
injects the future’s chance of overflow,
converting into yes each maybe so?
What good is that, some fickle god’s ennui,
to folks just trying to live, like you and me?

2 MAY 2017

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The Possible

The possible surrounds us all:
an unseen swirling smoke
that clouds our good intentions.
Proceed carefully, the joke
is that too many options
can confuse the way ahead,
and leave you in committees
wanting progress, but instead
debating some great nothing
or deciding on a fate
that puts you where you started
but a half an hour late.

The possible, the possible:
to organize it all
requires the patience of a saint
and a good wrecking ball
to knock aside the posturing,
the maybe-in-a-bits
(those indecisive dilettantes
too quick to call it quits),
and clear from the great many paths
the one that suits you best.
That is the option you must choose;
you do not need the rest.

14 APR 2013

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