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Politisaur: bestiary

It crawls – more like a slither, for its legs
are short and curled beneath its awkward bulk –
and in this ambulation, leaves a trail:
rough scales, small bits of food, and rivulets
of an almost translucent, greasy sweat.

Its mouth is lined with narrow, pointed teeth
inside an almost rubber lipped, wide mouth
that hangs always a little bit ajar
exposing just the tip of a great tongue
in constant motion, keeping those teeth clean.

Its voice is half a bellow, half a cry,
that with torrential drops of fetid bile
hurls insults at both enemy and friend
when it perceives even the smallest slight,
and sounds both most insulted and in pain.

Its attitude, in short, is rude and mean;
yet ’round it gather minions by the score.
They hope to catch the scraps it leaves behind
from tainted prey, or the effluvia
that trickles from its pores both night and day.

It once was something else, and stood upright;
or so the legends say – though few have seen
and lived to tell the tale.

17 JAN 2017

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Perigoric: a bestiary

It has strong legs and sturdy wings,
and for them both has need;
although the legs grow weak with age
and will get cut and bleed.

Two wings, then, of the standard sort:
half butterfly, half bat;
quite useful when it just must dash,
or fuel a lively chat.

The hands, or claws, if you prefer,
its clutching, pinching tools:
for picking nits, and wiping shits
and scratching eyes from fools.

The torso? Lean, but runs to fat
toward its middle age –
especially when fed on crow
and left in a small cage.

The eyes, both pairs, are large and round.
One tends to humanize
their often sad, pathetic looks
when coupled with their cries.

And yes, the voice, the squawk, the squeal:
like metal on a plate;
a symphony for sadists
it’s hard to appreciate.

The whole, in sum, is quite a feat
of luck in blind design;
that this poor thing survives at all
is in a word, sublime.

15 NOV 2010

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