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The Swinger: a brag

half the carbs, and still nutritious.
You’ll use all of your three wishes
tryin’ to front like you’re still vicious
in the kitchen doing dishes,
making coffee for the missus –
don’t you even try to dis’ this,
you’ll be swimmin’ with the fishes.

half your life spent kicking monkeys;
now you’re someone else’s flunky –
don’t you even try to punk me.
I’ve got moves that outflank crunky,
demolition derby junky —
got the style that’s never clunky
in both smooth and super chunky.

You’ll cry when the party’s over;
knee-deep now, but not in clover,
once you come back as Red Rover.
I ain’t trying to lord it over
but you’re grumbling now, like Grover.
Your flag, like the cliffs of Dover;
out the way, come on, move over.

put away your foolish notions;
like the power of the ocean
in a medicated lotion,
I will set my mind in motion
and flood all your land of Goshen.
No use starting a commotion —
I’ll be getting your promotion.

No, don’t even lift a finger;
what small hope of yours still lingers?
Can’t you hear the round bell ringer
Tolling for you, the death bringer?
Look out, here comes the big stinger:
I’m the song AND yeah, the singer;
The swang is swung, and I’m the swinger.

19 NOV 2010

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