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Election Day: an acrostic

E ach of us would make some change:
L eave off those evils of the past,
E mbrace some thread of common good,
C hoose what is best for all, not one.
T his thought in mind, we cast our vote
I n hope that it will do some good:
O ne straw can break a camel’s back, or
N urse to health a dying dream.

D ecide: will you in silence grant
A stranger rights to make your fate?
Y our life is yours. Choose for yourself.

03 NOV 2010

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A run through the poetic forms

As much as I laud those who attack National Novel Writing Month with great zeal, I am a poet not a novelist.  So in my own parallel to NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to once again work my way through each of the poetic forms identified in my old standby resource, Lewis Turco’s Book of Forms: Revised Edition starting with the acrostic and ending with the virelai – hitting all the Irish, Welsh and other forms and meters along the way.  I’ve done this in the past – I’ll try to post a poem a day, which may take us through the new year.

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