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At Dawn: alba or aubade

At dawn
the mist still lingers on the lawn:
the shortening shade, like Avalon,
seeks wisps of cloud to linger on
but soon surrenders, and is gone.

At dawn
the world, by inches, cracks its eyes:
and in the place of lullabies
begins to sound the hue and cry,
its hustle-bustle of disguise.

At dawn
the sweet and tender touch of light
begins the slow ascent of sight
and sends to shadows, warm and bright,
the last reminders of the night.

At dawn
again, I hear the sigh
of breathing, gentle and nearby,
and thank the earth and sea and sky
for life and love and you and I.

05 JAN 2017

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Happy New Year: an acrostic

H ow many times must we repeat the same old lines,
a nd with conviction try to
p rove that our broken and misguided
p olicies provide us with medicine and not poison that
y ou and I so joyfully swill?

N o one stole our freedom; we simply let it
e rode.
W hat difference, when we are not listening, when

y outh is spent in pointless
e ducation, and maturity wasted chasing youth
a nd forgetting how to
r ead?

03 JAN 2017

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