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Thinking of Gurdijieff

Right now we’re cruising at a constant speed,
although the scenes outside the window blur;
each fleeting breath a entire universe,
a moment pressed between to come and gone.

It seems as though we’re standing at dead still,
the center of a mighty hurricane —
the worldly rabble rages all around,
its energy consuming and consumed.

Beyond the edge of our imagined grasp
the whirling dervish of ourselves, immersed
in the experience of being one
with what our conscious minds cannot conceive,
spins shadows with which we construct the world
to serve as both our paradise and cell.

06 JAN 2005

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Thoughts on the 9/11 Report

Well, I have done it. Purchased the “official” 9/11 report. And read it through, at least at this time on a cursory level. I will re-read it in detail, of course.

There are a few things that trouble me. They are as follows:

1. A war on terrorism will not succeed. That is because terrorism is the symptom, not the cause. The cause is a state of global affairs that gives rise to the belief that terrorism is, for many, a justifiable and perhaps the only viable alternative to advance their agenda to the point where it will be considered.

2. If we are to engage the problem of alternatives to terrorism for those who now employ it as their sole means of communication, we have to start looking hard at the fact that we are a single human family. National “rights”, and boundaries, really must have no meaning if we are to address, fairly and honestly, the grievances of one group of people versus another. The fact is, that as a human species, we are in effect a single family — albeit in some cases only distant cousins.

This makes EVERY war in effect a civil war. Brother against brother — for the majority of religions on this planet accept as one of their tenets some degree of universal brotherhood.

3. With respect to that universal brotherhood. The United States must make a statement to the world, and must lead the other “so-called” civilized nations in one very important point. We must accept Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Druidism, Wiccanism, Sufism, Voodoo, Santeria, Ba’hai, Sikhism, Confucianism, Atheism, and all the rest, as absolutely equally viable paths to that exclusively human (at least, human-claimed, for none of the other species that have evolved and existed for millions of years on this planet have found it necessary to indulge in the nuances of comparative theology) province, enlightenment. If we are capable of being enlightened (as we claim), then we need to accomplish it. That means returning spiritual truth where it belongs — to each and every individual.

4. We need to focus our resources not on exerting our influence through military might, or covert operation, or corporate interest, but through demonstration of our principles by enforcing them upon ourselves. Eliminate special interests. Eliminate preconceived biases. Restore (or, rather, considering our own systematic programs of terrorism that checker our own historical national agenda — vis a vis the Comanches, for exampl?) “justice for all.” Not justice that meets our needs or serves the expediency of the moment, but justice that punishes our friends when guilty, and praises our enemies when they are courageous and in the right.

5. Finally, we need to think long and hard about something that G.I. Gurdjieff once said, that was almost echoed in Obama’s recent speech at the Democratic convention: “As long as a single person is in prison, no one is free.” No matter what the reason — because prison population, like terrorism, is a symptom. And to address the cause, we cannot continue to just build more prisons and graveyards. Or schools that teach rigid ways of looking at the world. Or churches that preach hatred and xenophobia in the guise of building their own brand of “chosen people” to pit against the rest of the world.

Ah, I could go on.

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A Literary Question

Well, perhaps it’s a trick question, but I don’t think so…has anyone actually read (all the way through) Gurdjieff’s Beezelbub’s Tales to His Grandson? I have to admit it – I am a voracious reader that has plowed through a great number of difficult books – but I find myself unable to make through more than the first 100 pages or so without losing momentum. I know he uses patterned language and specific words/phrases to disrupt conventional/run-of-the-mill thinking, but still … and the book is in paperback about 3-1/2″ inches thick. It seems so daunting, and I appreciate what I can get through, and it is extremely intriguing and fascinating reading…but like I said, only about 100 pages and I’m exhausted.

Anyone else have the same experience? If you have read it all the way through, howja do it? Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I must say, it’s a damn good thing I don’t HAVE to read it for some college course or something. I’d be up the creek.

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And I thought I’d seen some crazy “Musician Wanted” ads in my time …

This is a piece of “found” Poetry. That is to say, I found this to be TOO much, and so over-the-top that it is almost histrionically funny. That of course was not it’s intent – I’m sure they were going for the Gurdijieff approach to structured language that discourages pattern thinking. Someone, anyone, help me to understand exactly what it is this band does, sounds like, or wants to be when it grows up … Help me, I’d like to count it off, is it alright … is it alright if I scream?

As a result of its perceived Gurdijieff connection, I like to call this piece “Meetings with Remarkable Idiots” …
From an on-line entry at New Orleans Musician:

need genius, talented, layered, complex, immense, versatile drums 4 sharp,
tragic, ravaged, rasberry, sexy, urgent, shrill, contrast, young new rock
we are so damn good and so damn anxious and ready, but we cant find a damn
good enough drummer! would love huge sounding drums with large kit. none
of that less is more little setup shit. MORE IS MORE!

we are 22. this is all we want to do. we bought a house for it, we are
quitting our jobs for it. we breathe and sleep it. and 100% know we are
the greatest. 100% worth it. no limits. no bullshit.

new, amazing, dedicated, over the top, into the clouds.

we’re not indie, not emo, not hardcore, not postpunk, not garage, not retro,
not nu-metal, not postrock, not jaded. we are vast, shattering, delicate,
young, aware, asway, cutting, changing, pretty, and fierce. we need an
incredible drummer to pull this off with; to work with closely and

i dont care where you live, if you know and love what im saying, do NOT
hesitate to write us! i could not be more serious, we WILL work something
out. there is absolutely no time to delay.


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