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Whatever Works: ghazal

To say positive thinking breeds success
is to a point the truth – well, more or less.

Reality, however, would suggest
what matters more is really openness:

acceptance of what comes as being blessed
with more experience and evidence

that life provides in both pleasure and stress
instructions for achieving happiness;

that seeing plus and minus makes complex
equations of existence that compress

the ebb and flow of being to a test,
a pass or fail we struggle through, at best.

Far better, say the sages, east and west,
to use whatever works, and leave the rest.

23 MAR 2017

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Nada Brahma: a ghazal

When there is nothing left the senses but sound
Even the silence between us will make that sound.
Each breath we take reverberates past our ears
And fills the empty space with cascades of sound.
There is no quiet place that we can keep closed
To keep the soul from hearing our silent sound.
Like circles in water nearing unknown shores,
our reach extends out from the center of sound.
We are but echoes of distant faded chimes;
You and I can only imagine the sound.

10 MAY 2003

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