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The Wren (Drui-En)

The Wren (Drui-En)We barely see him there against the leaf,
a tiny nondescript and timid soul,
but suddenly quite to our disbelief,
he calls upon the magic he controls.

With cunning and a wealth of secret lore,
that shatter our illusions of the grand,
he hides there on the shadowed forest floor
to show to us the Goddess and her plan.

His subtle ways teach us that the whole truth
in gentle, humble ways is oft revealed,
and offers in his simple song the proof
that wisdom may be easily concealed.

The smallest bird but he who holds the throne,
the wren reveals the sacred heart alone.

from “Druid Animal Sonnets”
Copyright OCT 2001 John Litzenberg
“Druid Animal Oracle” by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Wren painting by Bill Worthington

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The Owl (Cailleach-Odiche)

The Owl (Cailleach-Odiche) by Bill Worthington

Late at night, strange cries break through the vale,
And in that echo, the soft beat of wings;
A messenger from far beyond the pale,
His lesson in the warning that he brings.
With glowing eyes he peers through our shadows,
And unaffected, seeks our inner guise,
which finding, he gives keys to doors once closed,
where wisdom waits that we must recognize.
The night that shimmers secretly, his range,
and there in esoteric mists we find
that much of what we seek is not so strange,
but blurs our sense of past and future time.
A mystery to those who fear the night,
The owl patrols the edges of the light.


Alone in darkness there in the cypress,
a shadow ‘gainst the moon, he travels light;
his wariness a shield against loneliness,
he withdraws from the day and seeks the night.
The lesson that he brings is to reach out,
be less discerning, holding self apart;
a cool detachment watching from without
is oft defense protecting tender heart.
There is no need for secrecy, he cries,
that we begin again is nature’s fact;
and each initiation, as we die,
brings life anew to those who take its path.
Exposing our shy hearts to loss and risk,
the owl bids us to return from the mists.

From my 2001 project to describe each of the totem animals identified in the Druid Animal Oracle, written by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Bill Worthington, based on its Celtic/Druidic symbolism using the English sonnet form.

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The Hawk (Seabhac)

A flash of gray against the sun and cloud,
then swift and sure he plummets to his prey;
Above the warp and woof he watches, proud,
examining the context of our way.

The puzzle is the sum of all its pieces,
he tells us, seeking balance with the whole;
And in the insignificant and tiny
are found the noble roots that form our soul.

Be cleansed of that which in the past bound you,
the message that he brings to set us free;
And reconnect to ancient ways around you
to recollect your sense of destiny.

The breadth of life within his field of sight,
this ally offers visions through his flight.

His eye a piercing shaft that splits the sky
which finds among the blades of grass his prey,
he flies above the world, a focused spy,
and sees only a fraction on his way.

He teaches us that ideals, however high,
if not tempered with vision, make us cruel,
and can breed arrogance and selfish pride
that lead us to deny the heart, as fools.

The justness of our cause, he bids us ask,
to balance, with humility, our role;
and warns that attention to just the task,
restricts our wider sense of the great whole.

One whose message is to consider more,
the hawk shows us the price we pay to soar.

from The Druid Animal Sonnets, 08 OCT 2001

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