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Morning Dogs: choka

The scrabble of claws
across the linoleum:
waking with the dogs.
At the first hint of morning,
they are ready to go.

Forget your sleeping.
The moment your body stirs,
their insistence starts.
Outside, outside! they clamor,
until you do their bidding.

Resistance is futile:
bedcovers pulled from your eyes,
the morning sun blinds.
You need no alarm clock’s ring
once these furry kids awake.

02 FEB 2017

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Grr the Glab-Glab

My name is Shaba Waba,
The Grr the Glab-glab man;
I learned to Grr the Glab-glab,
Although not many can.

I love to Grr the Glab-glab,
and I will tell you why
if I can’t Grr the Glab-glab
I’ll hang my head and cry.

I learned to Grr the Glab-glab
when I was just a pup;
and once I Grr the Glab-glab
it’s hard to shut me up.

I Glab-glab in the morning,
all day and through the night;
if you would Grr the Glab-glab,
you learn to do it right.

I Grr the Glab-glab daily,
at every chance I get;
I Grr at friends and neighbors,
and Glab-glab at their pets.

I Grr when someone moves me,
and Glab-glab when I dine;
at Mama and at Daddy,
and my friend Caroline.

At any sign of danger,
I Grr the Glab-glab song;
I’ll always Grr the Glab-glab,
though some may thing it’s wrong.

Now you know Grr the Glab-glab,
and surely you can see:
you must love Grr the Glab-glab
to hang around with me.

I sing out Grr the Glab-glab,
so all will understand
my name is Shaba Waba,
the Grr the Glab-glab man.

for Sondra and Shaba Z’ar

17 AUG 2013

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Toy Dog Soldiers: an awdl gywydd

Our two small dogs are barking;
how they sing out with concern,
alarmed by the street traffic:
an old sedan’s quick u-turn

down our lonely dead-end street!
I hear their feet scrape the floor
as they scramble to the sound,
some new thing they’ve found to sic.

09 NOV 2010

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