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Not Those Kind of Blues: blues sonnet

There is no need to holler or to shout,
no need to raise a holler shouting out;
those ain’t the kind of blues I’m talking ‘bout.

The world is in a worry, sure enough,
the world is full of worry, sure enough;
if you don’t like it, man, that there’s just tough.

Ain’t nothing much to say, and less to do,
not all that much to say, nothing to do,
won’t make a difference down at me and you.

Don’t make commotion, sure don’t raise your head,
make no commotion, better bow your head;
might raise it up and find it lopped off, dead.

When darkness lies so heavy near the ground,
sure ain’t the time to think you’ll stick around.

19 JAN 2017

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Natural Blues: a blues sonnet

Every fire begins with just a spark.
Yes, every fire it starts with just a spark;
comes out of nothing, somewhere in the dark.

Every morning starts before the dawn.
Each morning has its start long before dawn;
it stops its sleeping, has to ramble on.

Everybody’s got their cross to bear.
It’s true, each one has got their cross to bear;
no use in crying out, “It just ain’t fair.”

Every flood starts with just one drop of rain.
Every flood starts with just one drop of rain;
wets the rich and poor man just the same.

Every storm begins from a small cloud;
Tornados sure must make their mamas proud.

17 NOV 2010

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Blues for the Sun: a blues sonnet

Oh, how the winter wind does howl and moan
The winter wind, I hear it howl and moan
And turn the warm sunshine as cold as stone

The morning sky is clouded up with rain
Covered over with clouds all full of rain
And any hope for sunshine is in vain

Oh, feel the chill, it creeps along your spine
A bitter chill that crawls into your spine
That makes you miss the warmth of the sunshine

The world outside is gray and filled with frost
Yes, turned to somber hues of gray and frost
And memory of the summer sun is lost

Oh, to be where the weather suits my clothes
and feel the sun beat down upon my nose.

14 DEC 2002

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