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Self-Damnation: a casbairdne

With words, my sentence fulfill:
the weak willed soul seeks to fail,
its too frail form doomed to fall
before bringing home the grail.

Too true; the trials and tests
that beset the searcher last
past the point where the first zest
wears out. Your whole fate is cast

in a breath’s breadth; there is time
for truth alone. You can find
a fool’s fitness in the rhyme
that in such straits comes to mind.

A rare few arrive alive;
ah, against such odds the scribe
in coughs and slow signs must strive
and wrest wild words to describe

What wonder their wandered path
has displayed. Most fail, their sad trail
littered with phrases, laughing
and half mad, lost in the veil.

So sentence me to madness –
I am glad to serve my curse.
This penance is not duress;
Others’ words would serve me worse.

08 APR 2004

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The Sacred in All Things: a carole or carol

Let all the world rejoice and sing
to see the sacred in all things!

The universe in varied forms
and diverse structures sets the norms:
with every death, life is reborn.
Let all the world rejoice and sing!

Each flower blooms and goes to seed;
to exist, each finds what it needs
and understanding this, proceeds
to see the sacred in all things!

There is no rank or hierarch;
within each thing glows the same spark,
composed of light and also dark.
Let all the world rejoice and sing!

Each moment fades with no reverse,
affecting the wide universe,
and in shared energy immersed
to see the sacred in all things!

Let all the world rejoice and sing
to see the sacred in all things!

08 APR 2004

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Television: canzone

Canto I (The News):

To watch the TV news is to discover
that there is nothing new under the sun:
a movie star found with a younger lover,
convenience store held up by man with gun,
insurgents kill more soldiers by surprise,
another well-known priest accused of wrong,
the difference between fast food joints is fries,
and one more pretty face has a hit song.
The underlying story never changes,
only the details and the point of view;
we watch to prove our own theories of strangeness
and focus not on ourselves, but on you.
There is a comfort in this pap’s digestion
that leaves us feeling informed and aware;
by leaving others to ask all the questions,
all we have left is sensing we still care.
The channel doesn’t matter, just the faces;
their honesty we’ve learned to judge on sight,
and politicians, whether left or right
find us amenable to fund their races.

Canto II (Comedy):

If it were going on next door, in real life,
we probably would not think it was fun;
in fact, if some of these folks were my neighbors,
I’d probably move, or at least, buy a gun.
The basis for most comedy, it seems
is how misfortune comes to someone else,
the consequences of their crackpot schemes
to win friends, change the world, or acquire wealth.
The underlying premise never shifts,
only the patsy and the inside scoop;
we watch to give our own spirits a lift,
and to convince ourselves we’re not the dupe.
There is a comfort in this sad delight
that leaves us feeling better and advanced;
by laughing at some other’s hapless plight
we believe that our own case has a chance.
It doesn’t matter who the comic roasts,
as long as we don’t recognize ourselves,
and are not asked between guffaws to delve
into the issues that affect us most.

Canto III (Reality):

The metaphor of raw, uncensored lives
as captured in a staged and sterile form,
arranged and filtered by cutting room knives,
gives us the rain and thunder, but no storm.
The girl next door, the brain, the jock, the creep,
selected for their camera appeal
or their ability to seem so deep;
exactly what part of this sham is real?
The underlying premise never strays,
but every season, moves from place to place;
we watch to give ourselves new games to play,
to pick our favorites to win a fixed race.
There is a comfort in this grand charade
that makes us feel as if we’re really there;
we know these fools, and if their path we trod,
why surely, we would be the millionaire.
It doesn’t matter what the final prize,
as long as there is drama and suspense;
the benefit of the experience
is that it happens to some other guy.

08 APR 2004

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